July 31, 2017

I've been thinking about the idea of starting a blog for a while and, after some attempts, I hope this is the final one. However, the first entry is just a brief presentation and summary about the content that I will publish from now on.

Juddidit began with the idea of being a professional portfolio to expose my projects and works in the field of graphic and audiovisual communication.

However, in the immediate society that we are living in, and also because of the passion I feel for many areas of the audiovisual world, the line that separates the personal from the professional is so thin.

Travel, social networks, projects that involve people around me,... These are some clear examples of the personal factor that is exposed to the published  projects on this website. At first I tried to separate it but in some way it is inevitable ending up showing some things about me, specially when in reality I try to create a personal label that is recognizable in the work I do or in which I participate.

So, from now on in this blog you will be able to know about my new projects, recommendations of pages of artists and professionals in the sector that I like, changes and innovations in the website and/or social networks, tips that I discover during my learning process, travel diaries, etc.


Do not hesitate to write me if you have proposals, ideas, requests, projects or opinions that you want to share.


Stay tunned!